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ITMACH stands for International Textile Machinery and Accessories Exhibition. ITMACH Africa would, therefore, be an exhibition comprising of all textile machinery and accessories from fiber preparation to finished apparel. This is an initiative to connect the textile machinery and technology suppliers to the African Textile industry. ITMACH Africa aims to bring firsthand experience of witnessing live demonstration of textile machinery and technology by the African investors, technocrats and production managers as well as facilitate sharing of knowledge, ideas and explore business opportunities within and outside Africa.

ITMACH Africa is organized by K And D ITMACH Expositions LLP (owners of ITMACH India, which is a successful international textile machinery exhibition in India) and supported by leading textile industry trade journal Textile Excellence.


Showcase Excellence in Textile Technology & Innovations.
Encourage Investment in Technology, Capacity Building and Collaboration within the industry.
Catering to the Market Opportunities and Creating New Front for marketers.


Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) is a State Corporation established under the Tourism Act 2011 whose objective and purpose is to promote the business of meetings, conferences and exhibitions in the heart of Nairobi. The centre has facilities to host exhibitions or conference of any kinds.


Chapter 1:    Machinery for Yarn Spinning, Man-made fiber Spinning, Winding, Texturing, Twisting and Accessories

Chapter 2:    Machinery for Web Formation, Bonding, Finishing of Non-wovens, Felting and Accessories

Chapter 3:    Machinery for Preparatory Weaving, Weaving, Tufting and Accessories

Chapter 4:    Machinery for Knitting, Hosiery and Accessories

Chapter 5:    Machinery for Embroidery, Braiding and Accessories

Chapter 6:    Machinery for Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Finishing, Cutting, Folding and Accessories

Chapter 7:    Machinery for Printing, Digital Printing, Consumables and Accessories

Chapter 8:    Machinery for Garmenting, Garment Processing & Finishing and Accessories

Chapter 9:    Laboratory Testing, Measuring and Quality Control Equipment and Accessories

Chapter 10:  Transport, Material Handling, Logistics, Warehousing, Packing Equipment and Accessories

Chapter 11:  Equipment for Recycling, Waste Reduction and Pollution prevention and Accessories

Chapter 12:  Software for Design, Data Monitoring, Management, Processing and Integrated production

Chapter 13:  Dyes, Pigments, Inks, Colourants and Chemical Auxiliaries for textiles

Chapter 14:  Services for the textile industry and Associated Equipment for textile plant operations

Chapter 15:  Research and educational institutions, Technical Information Services

Chapter 15:  Textile Raw Materials like Fiber, Yarn, Fabric and Apparels.