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ITMACH Africa – Connecting African Textile Industry To Latest Textile Technology

Africa: The continent with immense possibilities is now taking pragmatic steps towards industrial development. Textile & Clothing industry has always been the first stepping stone of industrial development of a nation. Africa as it prepares for industrial revolution; Textile & Clothing industry is going to be a part of nation building process. With base of ample cotton production and huge population, Africa also has a large indigenous market.  Also, textile is the basic necessity of mankind and the multilateral trade treaties with large consumer markets (like AGOA) offers huge opportunity to develop this sector.

African Textile & Apparel Industry:Africa is known for various types of printed fabrics and for their uniqueness in design and color. The continent also grows large volume of cotton including premium Egyptian cotton which has history of over 3000 years. Modern textile industry has developed in several countries and offers excellent opportunity for future growth. Among the leading textile manufacturing nations in Africa are: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Lesotho, Mauritius.