ITMACH India 2014

K. Prabhakaran

GM (Capital Sales & Service), Stovec Industries Ltd.

“ITMACH India was an important show for Stovec, as Gujarat is the country’s textile processing and printing hub. We have received good number of visitors, and are happy with the response. ITMACH’s importance for Stovec can be gauged from the fact that we used this platform to launch our new product – RD 8 Servo Drive Machine for the first time here in this exhibition. Response to the machine at ITMACH India has been very encouraging. We see a lot of modernisation projects coming up in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, for which our kind of products are much in demand. We are happy to have participated in ITMACH India, Ahmedabad.”

Natascha R. Meier

Head-Sales & Marketing, Graf Group

“We received excellent response at ITMACH India 2014, where we met existing and new customers. Many of our competitors came and visited the show and seems like they regretted not participating. India is an important market for us. Local competition is high, but our quality is unmatchable. We offer high quality, high efficiency cards that ensure high quality yarns. We now want to work towards further improving our service to the Indian customers, and training them in the correct usage of our products. For this, we will hire more employees with strong technical and spinning background. ”

S.R. Shandheep

Senior Sales Manager, Novibra Boskovice s.r.o..

“ITMACH India 2014 was a good show and we made the right decision to participate. Investments in spinning are continuing and that means good business for us. At ITMACH India, we made good contacts and received a number of leads. We focused on CROCOdoff, this is a new concept which ensures no hard waste in doffing. With CROCOdoff, we can 100% eliminate the hard waste. ITMACH India 2014 was a very good place for us to make customers aware of this new specification and encourage them to get this included in their new machines.”

V. M. K. Sundaram

Area Sales Manager, Bracker AG

“We were overwhelmed with the response at ITMACH India 2014. This was a very international show. And we made new contacts here. The Indian market is growing, with lot of investments in the pipeline. At the show, we focused on Orbit rings, which the Gujarat market is not very aware of. These rings are specialised for Lycra spinning, and offer 15-20% higher production. These rings are not quite prevalent in India, and ITMACH India was a good platform for the same, especially as Gujarat is the denim manufacturing hub of India. I would like to congratulate the organisers for organising this event so well, and I thank them for choosing Gujarat, which has not been on the radar of most exhibition organisers. ”

Fritz Legler

Head - Marketing, Sales, Services, Staubli Sargans Ag

“There was good flow of traffic at ITMACH India 2014. I am happy with the response from Gujarat. The Indian textile market has a lot of potential for new projects and expansions. I have never seen in the history of the textile industry this level of government incentives and support for the industry. Surprisingly, the industry is still slow in coming up with projects. The government has set a target to double fabric production within two years. But the rate at which investments are happening, this looks doubtful. Also, lack of infrastructure is a hindrance. China, as we know, has slowed down in textile and apparel production and trade. This business will go to other countries, and India is most suited to attract investors and exporters. The pace of growth needs to pick up.”

S Murugan

Textile Consultant

“It was the best memorable event in my life attending ITMACH India exhibition in Gandhinagar. The ambience of the exhibition centre was fantastic and with an international look. I was quite blank when I headed towards Gandhinagar where the exhibition was being held. Honestly, I was thinking that the exhibition would be just another sort of club meeting where people meet with no practical agenda. I also had been informed that no big suppliers were participating. But the moment I entered the exhibition centre, I was amazed. ITMACH India really provided a great platform to many to learn new developments on the technological side. I wish a great future for ITMACH INDIA and hope to return to the next ITMACH India.”

Peter Stahlecker

Managing Director, Spindlefabrik Suessen GmbH

“ITMACH India 2014 was beyond expectations. I am happy with the response. India is one of the largest markets for Suessen. And with investments happening in Gujarat, this is an important show.”